engaging, fulfilling, rejuvenating
The Avanti lifestyle is one of fulfillment, rejuvenation and choice. Our progressive activity programs and amenities ensure that residents are engaged and active, with a wide variety of options at all times. Residents choose activities just as one does when living independently.

Mind • Body • Strength

Care is at the center of everything we do
Avanti Senior Living develops much more than technologically-advanced, beautifully-designed senior living communities. Virtually all of our innovation and diligence ultimately results in an unmatched level of care and wellness for seniors.

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  • Testimonial 2
    Eunice Kent,

    Eunice Kent Would you recommend Avanti to your friends?  -- I would recommend it in a minute, to come to this place.  It is so lovely and so many amenities, and all conveniences. I would encourage the to come to live at Avanti!

  • Testimonial #1
    Helen Sepulski, Designer

    Helen Sepulski We've been through this before with my own mother...  Visiting Avanti put a lot of thoughts at rest, a lot of concerns at rest... knowing that she's got someone that she can call immediately when she needs, that she doesn't have to be alone is very important to us.  Meeting her needs, that's exciting!  And…


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In Italian, the word Avanti means “forward.” We deliberately selected our name because we are literally moving senior living forward.

We’ve embraced the exceptional, abandoned the mediocre and innovated in every area imaginable. And by “innovated,” we mean genuine land-a-man-on-the-moon innovation. Life-changing, never seen before innovation that transcends words on a website and results in better moments, better days and better lives for seniors and their families.

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