Can Exercise Keep the Elderly Young?

Staying Young Physical exercise is a great way to stay young. Everyone knows exercise has numerous benefits for the body and brain. As humans we're meant to move, and when we do with regularity and intensity we simply feel better.  Furthermore, as any elderly person can attest, exercise becomes increasingly difficult as the body ages,…
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Does Alzheimer’s disease affect Men and Women Differently?

A tremendous amount of adults suffering from age-related illnesses are women, and leading amongst these illnesses is Alzheimer’s disease. Studies reveal that women in memory care centers greatly outnumber men in addition to providing the vast amount of care to seniors with dementia. WOMEN LIVING LONGER DRIVES ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE   Statistics show that women live several…
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Am I losing My Memory? – How to Discover if you are Experiencing Memory Loss

Losing memory is not something new in the complex world we live. In addition to Alzheimer’s Disease, mankind is faced with other dangerous diseases associated with memory loss, such as depression, dehydration or hypothyroidism. Whether it’s a concussion, certain medications or drinking too much alcohol, we are all affected by memory loss at a certain…
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10 Most Important Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

Caring for an elderly loved one can be very rewarding but also exhausting!. An assisted living community is the perfect solution for seniors who may assistance with activities of daily living. With supportive staff and updated technology, residents are able to maximize their independence and live each day in a warm, comfortable, safe environment while…
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