10 Most Important Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

Caring for an elderly loved one can be very rewarding but also exhausting!. An assisted living community is the perfect solution for seniors who may assistance with activities of daily living. With supportive staff and updated technology, residents are able to maximize their independence and live each day in a warm, comfortable, safe environment while…
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Senior Housing Options: Making the Best Senior Living Choices

As time goes by our needs gradually change and it gets to a point where some of us need a little assistance in our day-to-day activities- which is where senior living comes in; a comfortable place for seniors to live together and enjoy life. What exactly is senior living? Senior living may involve a living…
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The Difference Three (3) Can Make

  It’s been three months that Avanti has been going full steam yet it feels three times longer. We have three pieces of land in areas we are excited to see Avanti succeed and have another three markets we are currently looking for land. We have selected our three most important team players from the…
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Tips to Combat Social Isolation in Elderly Family Members

It’s been said that ‘a man is not an island.’ This has never been truer than during the senior years of a person’s life. There have been numerous studies researching various issues that seniors encounter. One significant issue facing seniors is loneliness. Fortunately, this is an issue that can be handled with families and caregivers…
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